About Us

Vision Statement:

“Providing a Place for Success – Today and Tomorrow” is Crossroads’ vision and purpose. This vision was developed based on the conversations among Armona’s staff, administration, school board, and community members; input from other county school districts, health and social service agencies and the county office of education were also included.

Mission Statement:

The school’s mission provides an in-depth look into the expectations of Crossroads students. The mission includes:

  1. Crossroads provides alternative opportunities for student success.
  2. We believe that a partnership between home and school is vital to the education of a child.
  3. Technology is a necessary component of all student-learning opportunities.
  4. Successful students strive to be problem-solvers, critical thinkers and peacemakers.
  5. Students become better citizens through successful learning experiences.
  6. Academic rigor, immersed within a risk free environment, is critical to a student’s future success.

School-wide learner outcomes (SLO’s)

Through mastery of District and State Content Standards, Crossroads Charter Academy will prepare all students to: Be Critical and Creative Thinkers

  • Identify, locate, acquire, organize, and comprehend information or data.
  • Apply, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information.
  • Apply acquired skills to solve complex problems.
  • Use methods, concepts and theories in new situations.
  • Generalize from given facts, predict outcomes, and draw conclusions.
  • Compare and discriminate between ideas and make choices based on a reasoned argument.
  • Demonstrate an appreciation of originality and aesthetics.

Be Effective Workers

  • Use independent learning strategies and skills to complete assignments.
  • Demonstrate a strong work ethic by completing assignments and tasks as assigned.
  • Use time management skills to develop timelines and meet established deadlines.
  • Demonstrate the ability to use appropriate strategies to resolve differences and conflicts.

Be Effective Communicators

  • Use basic communication skills: reading, writing, speaking, listening to effectively communicate and understand information, ideas and feelings.
  • Demonstrate effective interpersonal communication skills including an understanding and appreciation of audience, context, and cultural differences.
  • Follow verbal and written instructions.

Demonstrate Essential Technological Skills

  • Use current technology including Internet, e-mail communication, word processing programs, Power Point presentations, and other applications to access, process, communicate, store, and present information.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of legal and ethical issues involving Internet computer use.
  • Recognize the increasing need for technology skills as students pursue career pathways.

Be Community Contributors

  • Demonstrate civic, social, and environmental responsibility by performing public service, volunteering and being informed about civic issues.
  • Participate actively as citizens in the American democratic system by registering to vote, participating in elections, paying taxes, registering for the Selective Service system, serving as a juror and fulfilling other civic responsibilities.
School Profile

The Crossroads Charter Academy is sponsored by the Armona Union Elementary School District. The charter was approved by the AUESD Board of Trustees in 2003 and began as a 3rd through 8th hybrid independent study program with a required classroom component. In 2005, charter was re-written to include all grades and opened the learning center in Hanford. In the summer 2010, we relocated our Hanford lab and offices to our current location on W. 8th St.

Crossroads Charter Academy (CCA) offers an independent study program. Students use personal computers and internet access at home to complete all of their lessons.

Parent/Guardian & student must meet with a certificated teacher each week, for a minimum of 1 hour., to discuss student progress and collect work samples. Crossroads offers many freedoms; we have found these meetings necessary to keep the students on track. Students will be asked to participate in school and state mandated testing.

Students (grades 7th-12th) also have the option to use the school's drop-in computer lab for up-to 3 hrs each day. We do not allow breaks, outside of the lab, and once they leave they are not allowed to return.

Program Goals

Our program goals includes:In addition to our weekly appointments and drop-in lab, we also offer two on-site vocational education electives in the area of Building Skills and Health Science Careers, and small group tutoring.

  • Offering students and parents a quality educational alternative to the traditional classroom and social environment
  • Providing students with opportunities for academic ownership
  • Developing activities for students to learn self-respect, community respect and respect for others
  • Focusing on academics and resources to improve the individual's understanding to improve test scores
  • Promoting individual reading and math growth Involving students in maintaining a safe and orderly learning environment Utilizing the latest technology to deliver an outstanding curriculum