About Us

Vision Statement:

“Providing a Place for Success – Today and Tomorrow” is Crossroads’ vision and purpose. This vision was developed based on the conversations among Armona’s staff, administration, school board, and community members; input from other county school districts, health and social service agencies and the county office of education were also included.

Mission Statement:

Crossroads Charter Academy’s mission is to provide an alternative opportunity for student success by creating a bridge between the home and academic world in a safe and supportive environment.

School-Wide Learner Outcomes (SLO’s)

Through mastery of District and State Content Standards, Crossroads Charter Academy will prepare all students to:

Be Critical and Independent Thinkers who:

  • Demonstrate higher levels of understanding
  • Analyze and synthesize a variety of sources
  • Solve problems independently
  • Reflect on and evaluate the impact of their learning experience

Be Effective Communicators who:

  • Use advanced reading, writing and speaking skills
  • Adapt communication skills for a variety of audiences
  • Follow verbal and written instructions.
  • Apply positive and contributing interpersonal skills

Self-directed Learners who:

  • Take responsibility and ownership for their education.
  • Utilize all available resources to produce quality work.
  • Make efficient use of time to meet deadlines.
  • Use current technology responsibly to advance skills and knowledge.

Responsible Citizens who:

  • Demonstrate civic, social, and environmental responsibility.
  • Perform public service and volunteer.
  • Develop respect for diverse cultures.
School Profile

The Crossroads Charter Academy is sponsored by the Armona Union Elementary School District. The charter was approved by the AUESD Board of Trustees in 2003 and began as a 3rd through 8th hybrid independent study program with a required classroom component. In 2005, charter was re-written to include all grades and opened the learning center in Hanford. In the summer 2010, we relocated our Hanford lab and offices to our current location on W. 8th St.

Crossroads Charter Academy (CCA) offers an independent study program. Students use personal computers and internet access at home to complete all of their lessons.

Parent/Guardian & student must meet with a certificated teacher each week, for a minimum of 1 hour., to discuss student progress and collect work samples. Crossroads offers many freedoms; we have found these meetings necessary to keep the students on track. Students will be asked to participate in school and state mandated testing.

Students (grades 7th-12th) also have the option to use the school's drop-in computer lab for up-to 3 hrs each day. We do not allow breaks, outside of the lab, and once they leave they are not allowed to return.

Program Goals

Our program goals includes:In addition to our weekly appointments and drop-in lab, we also offer two on-site vocational education electives in the area of Building Skills and Health Science Careers, and small group tutoring.

  • Offering students and parents a quality educational alternative to the traditional classroom and social environment
  • Providing students with opportunities for academic ownership
  • Developing activities for students to learn self-respect, community respect and respect for others
  • Focusing on academics and resources to improve the individual's understanding to improve test scores
  • Promoting individual reading and math growth Involving students in maintaining a safe and orderly learning environment Utilizing the latest technology to deliver an outstanding curriculum